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16 reasons why a truck mounted cherry picker from Mobile Cherry Picker Hire is better than a boom lift

After over 20 years in corporate sales I felt I needed a change, so I left my job in corporate sales and started Mobile Tower Hire Pty Ltd in 2017.
I wanted to create a business that was services related, sustainable, something I could manage and have a greater level of control over, then ultimately, provide career options for my family. This is how Mobile Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne was started.

The concept of the business is pretty simple. If you are a tradesman that has a job at height and its too high or dangerous to use a ladder, then you call us. We have truck mounted cherry pickers so we arrive on site, put a harness on you and lift you into position so you can complete your task. As I said, pretty simple.

I found that there were a lot of large cherry picker companies out there doing most of the large projects including the Westgate tunnel SkyRail but not many working with small to medium trades businesses that also have jobs that require height access such as Mobile Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne provides and where most of our jobs come from.

What i found while talking to literally hundreds of different businesses was that while many people have a ‘yellow card’ that allows them to operate scissor lifts and boom lifts under 11 metres, and some even have the ‘high risk work’ licence which allows them to operate equipment 11 metres & over, not everyone wanted to worry about operating a cherry picker while trying to concentrate on their task. There is too much to have to think about and look out for which you can’t always see from being up in the cherry picker bucket, they just didn’t want the extra hassle.

I also listen to stories from various tradespeople who have had the wrong type of boom delivered from hire companies only to find it doesn’t have the height or reach required and had to be returned at a cost to them while a replacement was delivered. Mobile Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne will come out and inspect your next job and then recommend the correct type of cherry picker required so we are ready to go on the day.

Truck mounted cherry pickers from Mobile Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne offer many advantages over going to your local hire company and trying to work out what you need and if you are able to operate it both functionally and legally from a Work Safe Victoria perspective.

Below are listed 16 reasons why a truck mounted cherry picker from Mobile Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne is a better option than hiring a boom lift from a rental company.

Convenience – we get in and out
Hourly Rates available – no need to hire for the day
Operator provided – allows you to focus on your job
Delivered onsite to you – no need to pick up and tow yourself
No training required – we arrange everything, you just get yourself ready to complete your job
Safety equipment inc harnesses provided – you don’t need to supply anything
Council permits arranged – let us handle the admin & hassle which you would have to do when using a boom lift hire company
No licences required – you do not need a licence, you would if you hired a boom lift yourself
Insurances covered – general hire companies require you to takeout separate insurance
Insulated cherry pickers for work near power – hire company equipment is generally uninsulated
Steep inclines and rough terrain no problem – boom lifts only work properly on even ground with 4% incline
Truck mounted cherry pickers follow you from job to job – unless you can tow a boom lift you would need to arrange separate boom lifts increasing your costs
Truck mounted cherry pickers are very stable in windy conditions – boom lifts are light and have a lot of movement in windy conditions
Our trucks can arrive onsite or be removed anytime 24/7 – boom lift hire companies open normal hours only so are uncontactable if needed in the night
Truck mounted cherry pickers with an operator are perfect for solo tradesman or small teams – if your team is small not everyone will have a cherry picker licence
Our trucks have no delivery charges – Boom lifts carry normal delivery charges of $180 + gst each way.

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