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Mobile Cherry Picker Hire For Painters

Who is this for :
Painters Contractors

  • Working alone, unlicensed
  • Using ladders 5m +
  • Painting above awnings/gardens/slate roofs
  • Ground unstable or not suitable for scissor lifts
  • We provide Cherry Picker Hire for painters that is a  reliable lifting service that not only saves time on permits accusation but also the high insurance rates and fully trained staff. Our cherry picker operators know your industry. Making us a great choice for your next hard to reach job. Send us a message and one of our industry specialists will help you tailor a hire service for your business. We hire per hour and we acquire all the permits needed.

  • Small teams who don’t have their own cherry picker and maybe have one or two guys working at different locations, generally are not licensed or want to operate or arrange a tower.
  • Painting eaves & fascias takes time on a ladder with one bucket of paint and getting up and down multiple times vs in the tower bucket with us moving them slowly using several paint types in one go.
  • Literally cut expected job times in half.
  • Cost of the tower is passed on to the client.
  • What Our Customers Say About Us....

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  • Police checked
  • Working with Children
  • Construction White Card
  • High Risk Work Licence
  • Working Safely at Height
  • EWP Rescue
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Perform Pole Top  Rescue
  • NBN Accredited
  • Working Safely Near Power Electrical Apparatus
  • Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace