Restaurant Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Melbourne's leading supplier of mobile cherry pickers for the exhaust fan cleaning/replacement industry!

We understand that this type of work cannot be started until the kitchen is closed so we make ourselves available to you for either a late night or early morning start, whatever works best for you and your client.

Forget using ladders, they’re to dangerous for this greasy work!

  • Available anytime day or night, we will be there!
  • Free job inspections
  • Hourly rates available
  • All mobile cherry pickers come with an operator
  • All safety equipment and harnesses are provided
  • Far safer option than using a ladder
  • Exhaust fans can be lowered in the tower bucket if required
  • Narrow lane ways are not a problem for our compact trucks
  • Tell us how Cherry Picker Hire Melbourne can help you and we'll respond within 4 business hours - we won't make you wait.


  • Police checked
  • Working with Children
  • Construction White Card
  • High Risk Work Licence
  • Working Safely at Height
  • EWP Rescue
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Perform Pole Top  Rescue
  • NBN Accredited
  • Working Safely Near Power Electrical Apparatus
  • Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace