Security & Time Lapse Camera Installation

Mobile Cherry Picker Hire makes camera installations easy by been able to drive in and out as required or simply follow you from job to job.

Camera installations do not always take long which is why we created a special pricing model specific to the industry. Call us at any time to find out more.
  • Time lapse camera maintenance/removal/installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Security lighting
  • Antenna installations
  • CCTV security systems for business
  • Alarm systems
  • Tell us how Mobile Cherry Picker Hire can help you and we'll respond within 4 business hours - we won't make you wait.


  • Police checked
  • Working with Children
  • Construction White Card
  • High Risk Work Licence
  • Working Safely at Height
  • EWP Rescue
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Perform Pole Top  Rescue
  • NBN Accredited
  • Working Safely Near Power Electrical Apparatus
  • Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace