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Why you should use a Truck Mounted EWP

Ever undertaken a job that required you to work at height,  Truck Mounted EWP is the industry that require the use of equipment such as elevated work platforms. So it is important that you understand your options when sourcing this equipment.

Ladders are top of mind when working at height, as chances are you already own one, and are suitable for smaller jobs. However, once the job surpasses a height of 3 metres it becomes time to reevaluate safer and more secure alternatives, as even with nerves of steel ladders can be difficult for the best of us.

According to a Safe Work Australia review undertaken from January 2001 to December 2015, 54 workers died and many more were injured from falls off a ladder, with most of these being from heights of 5m or less, which may surprise you. The workers affected were employed in many different occupations. The most common were handyperson (6), electricians (4), painters (4), commercial cleaners (3) and plumbers (3).

(Safe Work Australia 2013)


inexpensive, convenient and readily available.


can be dangerous, do not allow multitasking, able to set up in one position only, require very stable ground, greatly lengthen job time, suitable only for certain height jobs.

So you have had a think about the job and decided it is too risky for a ladder, what’s the next option?

Elevated Work Platforms or EWP’s as they are more commonly referred to, are used to reach areas that are difficult to access or to high for a ladder, maybe reaching over gardens or awnings or on sloped or unsteady ground.

EWP’s come in the form of scissor lifts, boom lifts, knuckle booms & spider lifts which can easily be arranged from the many hire companies available. They can be either picked up from the supplier or delivered to you on site for the determined period. This group of EWPs can be an inexpensive way to work at height if you have a job on or an extended period and IF you have someone licenced available it operate it which is a legal requirement.

If you don’t use an EWP often or are unfamiliar with them it can be hard to know which one to order that will be the right one for your specific task. Jobs can be cancelled or at the very least delayed by ordering the wrong EWP which can be frustrating as well as incurring the costs to change to the correct EWP.


inexpensive over longer periods (2+ days), convenient and readily available.


require a licensed operator, easy to order the wrong type, ground surface needs to be very good, can be expensive as a short term option, heavy reliance on the hire company delivering/picking up on time, suitable only for certain height jobs.

The most versatile of all Truck Mounted EWP is a Cherry Picker or Travel Tower which has all the attributes of the other EWP types but is sturdier, can set up on sloped surfaces and is generally a lot safer. A significant difference is that the Truck Mounted Cherry Picker has a bigger base that makes it safe to operate and continue under adverse weather conditions.

The Truck Mounted EWP Cherry Picker is delivered on site to you with an operator.The advantage being you do not have to pick it or drop it off which can be time consuming. With a licensed EWP operator provided you don’t need to shift your focus from the job at hand as the operator will elevate you into position regardless of how many moves are required. If you have several jobs in different suburbs the Truck Mounted Cherry Picker and operator can follow you from site to site for as long as required, once done they just drive away.

Unlike with standard hire companies, a Truck Mounted EWP Cherry Picker company will in most cases conduct a free on site inspection prior to arriving on the day. They will check for site access and any dangers that may stop the job proceeding. This simple check helps avoid costly delays and inconvenience for all stakeholders in the project. The free site inspection is also useful when a client is quoting a job and needs to know what the cost of a Truck Mounted Cherry Picker will be.


competitively priced over shorter periods, convenient, no licence required, available for all heights, delivered to you on site and returned, allows you to concentrate on your task.


can be more expensive over longer periods, not always suitable in tight working areas or low entry points.

If you find yourself in need of an EWP and would prefer to have the job site pre- inspected, use a Truck Mounted Cherry Picker. Contact Mobile Tower Hire on 0402 297 400 to discuss your next project or visit us at

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